Fundraising does not have to involve throwing yourself out of a plane or running a marathon – although they are often great fun and brilliant ways of raising money! If you are an individual interested in raising funds for Gua Africa please find some inspiration and resources here.
UK and Canadian Universities ACS Collab
GUA Africa is excited to launch a new fundraising initiative, partnering with UK and Canadian University African Caribbean Societies (ACS) to raise money to sponsor 50 children’s education for a year, at our JAL GUA Academy, in South Sudan.
Jal GUA Academy, is a South Sudanese School set up by our Founder, Emmanuel Jal located in Sherkat, Juba. Despite the relative peace in recent years in South Sudan, children are unable to return to their homeland and are forced to stay in refugee settlements, in order to access education. Here’s where we need your help!
We hope to collaborate with as many UK and Canadian based University’s ACS as possible, to raise $35,000 for this scheme.
If this sounds like something your ACS could be interested in- reach out to our Development Manager, Camilla Robinson at She will guide you through our fundraising partners in the UK and Canada, so you can create fundraising pages which we can share here and through our social media outlets. You can fundraise in any way you like, it could be something physical like a bike ride, run or football match, or perhaps something Arts related, such as an auction or gig.
Just $600 raised by your society will sponsor 1 child for a whole year, covering their food, tuition and uniform costs.
We are so grateful to those ACS already signed up as our partners, and can’t wait to share their amazing work with you soon!


We are passionate about fundraising in schools. There is nothing more powerful than young people from one part of the world actively supporting their peers in a far off place who need a helping hand. Whether you are a student, a teacher or a parent look below for advice and information to help you fundraise within a school. We like to give you all the support we can, including visits from our UK staff or even arrange for our founder Emmanuel Jal to connect with your school via Skype.

Remember when fundraising – please take lots of photos so we can promote your efforts!


Making a donation through your company will make a direct impact on the lives of refugees across East Africa.
Make Gua Africa your charity of the year!
Does your company have a Charity of the Year scheme? If it does, you could nominate Gua Africa. If it does not, you could set one up!
As your chosen Charity of the Year we will provide video messages from our founder Emmanuel Jal as well as our student beneficiaries. For ideas on what you could to do fundraise check out our resources here.
Whatever you may choose to do we will support you every step of the way. Just let us know your ideas and we will offer you guidance, fundraising materials and help promote your efforts.

Other Ways to Get Involved

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