Survivors of War Programme

Gua Africa supports a group of young people studying in Kenya and Uganda, who have all survived against unimaginable odds. Some were forced to fight as child soldiers, some survived genocide; all trekked hundreds of miles as children to seek safety in UN refugee camps across East Africa.
'My life was turned around when I was rescued from my life as a child soldier and placed in school by a British Aid worker called Emma McCune. I want to offer the same opportunities to those who are facing the same challenges I did as a young man through my ‘Survivors of War’ Programme. This is an investment that has no price tag because it continues to replicate itself.'
Emmanuel Jal
Gua Africa identifies driven students from primary all the way through to appropriate courses at tertiary level education. Working with schools and communities in refugee camps.
Since the project began in 2008 our students have now graduated from the programme with qualifications in fields such as medicine, engineering, teaching and accountancy.
Many are now progressing into further education in order to give them a profession with which they can sustain themselves in the future. In addition, we provide continual pastoral support including helping to reunite them with their surviving family members.
Of the many students currently studying, the majority are currently studying in Nairobi in fields such as law, medicine and business. Those who missed almost all of their high school education, are studying vocational subjects such as electronics and car mechanics.
In recent years we have also been granted funds from THE GOOD LIE fund (set up by the The Good Lie film, which Emmanuel Jal starred in alongside Reese Witherspoon), and has further supported the holistic needs of our students.
This programme is producing amazing personal successes. However, paying for their tuition fees is only part of the story. Gua Africa needs your support to help pay for these students’ housing, food, clothing and other basic living expenses. Your contribution can literally be life-changing.

Student Success Stories

The students all share a desire to receive the education previously denied to them by the war and unrest in their home country. Sponsors from around the world support students with their academic fees and pastoral needs.

My name is David Erjok. My name is David Erjok. I am 24 years old and was a refugee from South Sudan. I love writing, reading and taking photos. I have taken a Bachelor Degree in Communication through a scholarship from Gua Africa.

Before I received this scholarship, I felt hopeless; similar to any other youth at Kakuma Refugee Camp. I didn’t know what the future held for me and everyday was the same.

Through this scholarship, my life has changed for the better. The knowledge I have gained so far has shifted my view of life. Today I look at myself not as a victim, but an advocate for the voiceless through the media work I currently direct and produce.


My name is Nyayow Deng and I am from South Sudan. I received a fully-funded scholarship to Brookhouse school through an opportunity from Gua. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity because it not only helped me immerse myself into service learning, work experience and sports; but it was also a great academic platform that helped me to work with students from different parts of the world. The sixth form faculty members also guided me in my university application and I was lucky enough to receive a MasterCard Foundation to Ashesi University in Ghana.

I am hoping to give back by guiding students to apply for opportunities that they can gain from by preparing them for future.

My name is Mike Buom. I am a qualified doctor and I have nearly completed my studies to become a surgeon.
I was recently given a job by a national NGO based in Juba, South Sudan and they have sent me to Leer for work to help those most in need. Special thanks to Gua Africa, and each one of you who have played a role in getting me this far.
My name is Gabriel Buoth Dak. I am Student at Kisii University, Faculty of law under Gua Africa Sponsorship. I had completed my first degree in Criminology and Security Studies in the same University before joining Law School.

Immediately after finishing this degree, I would like to practice law in South Sudan. With the skills that I have learned, I believe I will contribute positively in shaping our politics and society in a way will make it more peaceful and progressive in terms of governance. While in school, I am also involved in the transformation of our world’s newest country. I play a role as an agent of peace; I contribute in peace Activism in Diaspora at the student and civil society’s level. I write opinion articles in the mainstream media with a view to advance our main themes such as Reconciliation, Justice and Human Rights.
My future work will enable me support myself and my family that are eagerly waiting for me to change their lives from the poverty they are in at the moment. I am grateful to Gua Africa and my sponsor for this rare opportunity to study this noble profession at this prestigious Public University in Kenya.
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