My Life is Art Leadership Course – Kakuma Refugee Camp

Since 2018 Emmanuel Jal and a team of 3 dedicated MLIA leaders have run an annual leadership courses in Kakuma Refugee Camp training young leaders from the age 12 – 20. My Life is Art principles are designed to promote leadership skills and a purpose driven life.
The youth were able to identify, define and share their vision and purpose for their lives and craft a mission statement. They learned how to keep a positive mindset in the face of difficult circumstances and the power of practicing gratitude every day.
The outcomes of this training have been powerful. The youth reported having a deeper sense of purpose and understanding of the way forward and focus needed to accomplish their personal goals. They have started a My Life is Art Kakuma community group and continue to meet and support each other in the camp. They have been pooling their resources and started their own business to build a sustainable income together. Recently we have also set up a mentorship programme through our visitors and your youth participants to further support them with leadership guidance and further educational opportunities.
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